A sticky solution…Sounds weird, we know.

However, in the world of labels its what we do!

When it comes to creating new labels we are constantly looking for durable and unique label solutions for any type of industry. From libraries, office and product security, and outdoor uses to parties and events, crafts and storage we try to cover it all!

This week we are introducing our maximum strength adhesive labels. DuraReady’s #2022DMG, 2 x 1″ white polyester labels combine our toughest polyester label with a specially engineered permanent adhesive. Providing the maximum grip strength available on a pressure sensitive label today, these guys have excellent resistance to sunlight, UV, chemicals, temperature and weather.

While the often requested “Permanent Label” that cannot be removed does not exist the #2022DMG is as close to the mark as a pressure sensitive label can get!


Visit us today, http://www.duraready.com

DuraReady Labels
Our durable and versatile labels will last for years to come.

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