If you are reading then you are probably wondering what fresh produce has to do with durable labels…

In our world (one filled with labels) there is one important connection! The ability to advertise your business name, show price, weight, packaging dates, expirations, and barcodes in one spot is more than helpful in the food distribution world. Hence, the connection between fresh produce and durable labels! Printing custom labels for your food products is an integral part of being able to sell them.

At DuraReady we manufacture many different labels for just about any need, in several different shapes, sizes, materials and colors. However, when it comes to products that are exposed to the elements we recommend only one solution; our outdoor-rated labels.

These extra durable labels are:

  • Made of specialized matte white BOPP plastic label rated for up to two years of outdoor exposure. Extensive field testing is strongly recommended to confirm they meet your requirements.
  • Withstand exposure to an expanded temperature range
  • A more economical alternative to polyester labels
  • Strong permanent adhesive
  • Premium resin ribbon for maximum print durability and darkness

Check out our outdoor-rated label selections: #1040DD, #1016DD#1020DD#1022DD#1024DD#1025DD#1025DDYW#1032DD

These durable no-fade labels are a good candidate for many of your outdoor labeling applications that require greater durability then regular BOPP labels.

DuraReady Labels
Our durable and versatile labels will last for years to come.



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