Does anybody else still appreciate physically holding and reading a good book?

With so many different ways to download books electronically it has been sad to see the decline in bookstores and libraries. Most people do not see the need in tangible books anymore with the convenience of storing them all in one portable place. BUT not to worry because these wonderful places called libraries still exist ESPECIALLY in classrooms and in or around schools.

That is why here at DuraReady we still take our book spine, library shelf, and barcode labels VERY seriously.

With a wide range of labels from paper to plastic, colorful to white and clear, as well as a plethora of sizes and shapes we strive to manufacture durable library and classroom label solutions.


#1026DM, #1026DGR, #1026DOR, #1026DYW, #2026D

Our smallest labels (0.5 x 1″, 2-up) made of tough BOPP plastic, with the exception of the #2026D which is made of polyester, come with two labels on one backing so that you can create two custom labels at once. How awesome is that? Use them for ISBNs, color-coding, classification and so much more. These guys are available in matte white, gloss white, green, orange and yellow. Although they may be tiny, these labels will stand-out in all of the right ways.

#1005D, #1005DM, #2005D, #5005D

Coming up next in terms of size, these 1 x 1″ labels make being a square look so good! Available in BOPP plastic, polyester AND paper, these lovely labels are sure to get the job done. Ideal for barcodes, ISBNs, categorizing, classification and just about any other way of organizing.


This lone ranger is made of tough matte white BOPP plastic and measures in at 0.75 x 1.5″. A slightly skinny yet wide label (which sounds totally ironic) these classic labels will provide your books with a clean barcode label that will last as long as you need them to!

#1002D, #2002D, #5002D

Slightly wider than our #1005 label line these guys come in at 1.25 x 1″ and are available in white BOPP plastic, polyester and paper. Offering you three different types of durable label solutions to fit any preference. Ideal for barcodes, book spines, classification, categorizing and overall library organization.


Measuring in at 0.75 x 2.0″, these labels are small enough to be unobtrusive but large enough to print the information you really need. This durable no-fade, matte white label is made of BOPP plastic and is perfect for barcodes, item marking, files, binders, price tags, merchandise tags and more.

#1016D, #1016DM, #1016DOR, #5016D, #5016DCH, #5016DGR, #5016DOR, #5016DPK

The PERFECT book spine label measuring at 1 x 1.5″ and available in white and matte white BOPP plastic as well as white, chartreuse (yellow), green, orange and pink paper. These durable and unique labels allow you to control your library and classroom organizing needs. Our colored paper labels are ideal for bibliographies, classification, cataloging, and other color-coded applications when used with each other.


Like we’ve said a million times before, we strive to make labels that can fit a plethora of needs…Which brings us to our 1.75 x 1″ white BOPP labels. This uniquely sized label prides itself in being not too small but not too big. Ideal for printing barcodes for book spines, book flaps, and for asset tagging library electronics and equipment. Also available in an extra large roll for the lowest cost per label! **Check out our premium label protectors that fit perfectly over these durable labels.

#1022D & #1022DCLR

Our favorite library essentials these 2 x 1″ white and clear (removable) labels are PERFECT for barcodes, classification, ISBNs, “Property of” labels, shelves, and so much more. Our unique clear labels can easily be removed without leaving behind any sticky residue OR ruining the paper pages of your books. Allowing you to create, print and change your library labels whenever you need to! Our #1022D label is also available in an extra large roll and can be paired with our premium label protectors.


Another lone ranger, these labels measure in at a unique .75 x 2″. Making them slim and long, but not as long as a file folder label. Perfect for item marking, barcodes, ISBNs, files, binders and so much more. Both your library books and your classroom can use these labels!

#1020D, #1020DBL, #1020DGR, #1020DYW, #1020DOR, #1020DRD, #2020D, & #5020D

Saying all of those labels out loud is quite the tongue twister; our colored labels even make up the colors of the game Twister! But seriously, these labels are useful in just about any situation so it is not surprising that they are also perfect for library and classroom needs. Available in white, blue, green, yellow, orange and red BOPP plastic, as well as in white polyester and white paper, these guys cover all of the bases. Use our white labels for a clean and classic look on library shelves and aisles, and our colored labels for classroom cubbies and other eye-catching applications.


Our largest library label available in white BOPP plastic and measuring in at 2 x 2 5/16″. With outstanding durability and no-fade performance these labels are perfect for QR codes, pricing, item marking, and so much more. Also available in our extra capacity roll for the lowest cost per label.


#1036DM & #1026D

This label bundle provides you with our 1 x 3″ matte white BOPP label and our 0.5 x 1″ 2-up labels. Allowing you to essentially print three custom labels at one time, these guys are ALL about efficiency. Perfect for circulation labeling, barcodes, QR codes, classification, CD/DVD labels, and so much more!

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  1. Juliajewell says:

    I hate reading electronically. Especially novels!! Love the feel and smell of books!


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