“IT’S EASY AS 1, 2, 3…”

The most common question we receive is “How do I use these labels?”

While most of our customers are accustomed to our black resin ribbon, how to properly load our labels and how to download and print with our custom templates we totally understand how this question arises!

Our Black Resin Ribbon

Your labels are not black! What some have mistaken for a black label is actually our patented, removable black resin ribbon.

Why use this ribbon?

Our labels are known as thermal transfer labels. This means that during the printing process the ribbon is heated and transferred onto your labels to create your custom text and images. Using this method of printing is a more permanent, durable way of printing custom labels, as well as an easy way to protect your printheads. No longer are the days that you have to waste money or time on buying ink, with thermal transfer labels everything is in one piece!

Properly Loading Your Labels

This step in the label making process is really quite simple, but if not done correctly will result in your label not printing correctly. In the video below we show you the step-by-step process of loading your labels into a DYMO LabelWriter printer.

Our Downloadable Templates

DuraReady labels are unique in not only their shapes, colors and abilities, but also in their custom sizes. Since our labels are made with specific dimensions most of  the DYMO label templates (with exception to the file folder labels) that come with the software will not print correctly with our labels. However, we have a solution for that! Our custom label templates, which are free to download via our website, will allow you to create and print custom labels. Skip the hassle and waste of pre-printed labels and make your own custom, on demand labels for whatever you need. Watch our video to learn how to find, download, and use our custom label templates! We do recommend creating your labels on a PC, although we do love our MACs, PCs have proven to work best with the DYMO software and our templates.

Visit us today to view our label collections and learn more about our custom labels!


DuraReady Labels
Our durable and versatile labels will last for years to come.

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