“Dude, Where’s My Car?”

Not only a popular movie, but also a phrase that we are sure plenty of you have muttered as you leave the airport, mall, Disneyland and maybe even after a long night of work or fun.

Now, you’re probably wondering how this relates to DuraReady? Good question…Well, we have a label solution for it!


Our #1038D, vehicle identification/service labels are seriously awesome. These 3 x 2″ white BOPP labels are held by a clear 4 x 3″ label making them perfect for windshields and other glass/clear applications.

  • Print your own labels for vehicle identification or inspection, dealership inventory or parking access control
  • Vehicle-specific labels provides greater control and more detailed management
  • A Perfect solution for parking permits, vehicle inspection, inventory control and much more
  • Behind the glass application provides inside vehicle security from tampering and removal
  • Eliminate the limitations, cost and waste of preprinted parking stickers
  • Enhance your vehicle park/access control, inventory management and fleet tracking systems
  • DIY parking stickers are now at your fingertips

Our exclusive #1038D window label open up a world of new opportunities.  Print information pertinent to the vehicle: color, license plate, make, model, VIN number, key dates, customer numbers, 1 or 2D barcodes on each label.


Designed for the Dymo Labelwriter 4XL and select Zebra  4” desktop or mobile printers ONLY.

**All of our labels are made with a black resin ribbon which not only helps to protect your printheads but also enables you to print bold and durable texts and designs onto your labels! 


DuraReady Labels
Our durable and versatile labels will last for years to come.

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