Okay, not really…However, when it comes to sealing your products we have got you covered.

With our wide range of polyester, BOPP and tamper-evident labels we are sure to have a solution to fit your product packaging and identification needs.

Use our DTE, or tamper-evident VOID and destructible labels to protect and secure prescriptions and other highly sensitive products and materials.

#2006DTE, VOID print polyester labels

Our white and holographic polyester labels are ideal for quick and efficient product identification and product management. These labels can be used to print QR codes, barcodes, SKU’s, dates and all of your other business needs.

#2027DH, holographic polyester labels
#2022D, white polyester labels

Not everything has to be so black and white (or holographic), DuraReady also manufactures a line of exclusive and unique labels that are perfect for printing personalized #DIY party and event decor labels.

#1040DG, 2 x 3″ white BOPP labels with gold print
#1027DCLS, 2″ round BOPP labels with silver print

Visit us today, http://www.duraready.com

DuraReady Labels
Our durable and versatile labels will last for years to come.

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