The awesome part about manufacturing our own labels is that we can create new products whenever an idea comes to mind!

This month, we introduced our new GOLD AND SILVER LABELS!

We have always carried a line of clear labels with gold and silver print in both our #1020 1.125 x 3.5″ and 1 x 1″ label sizes and now we have MORE.

Our popular 2″ round #1027 labels are now available in four different gold and silver options:

  • #1027DG & #1027DS
    • white BOPP labels with gold or silver ribbon
  • #1027DCLG & #1027DCLS
    • clear BOPP with gold or silver ribbon

Next up, we have our standard address sized, 1.125 x 3.5″ #1020 labels:

  • #1020DG
    • NEW-white BOPP labels with gold ribbon
  • As mentioned earlier these labels along with our 1 x 1″ labels have always been available in clear
    • #1020DCLS & #1020DCLG
    • #1005DCLG & #1005DCLS

We have recently been experimenting with our newest #1040 2 x 3″ labels, so of course we HAD to try them in gold and silver. With four different options these unique labels have quickly become some of our favorites:

  • #1040DCLS & #1040DCLG
    • clear BOPP labels with silver or gold ribbon
  • #1040DG & #1040DS
    • white BOPP labels with gold or silver ribbon

With so many different and unique options these gold and silver labels are actually fun to work with. Use them for crafting, DIY event and party decor, custom product labels, organizing, gift tags and SO much more. With a little bit of creativity and our labels the possibilities are seriously endless!

DuraReady Labels
Our durable and versatile labels will last for years to come.

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