Libraries are like a well oiled machine; in order to run smoothly they require the effective coordination of many parts and people!

We’ve watched as libraries have grown and changed with the times as technology has taken over. You can now search library catalogs from the comforts of your own home and book pockets are no longer covered in pencil scribbles and stamps of DUE DATES.

As some of the most organized places in the country, libraries rely on a system of numbers, letters and quick librarians to remain intact. Being able to quickly identify author names, ISBNs and more is truly essential to the success of library organization.

With DuraReady’s NEW #1040D/#1040DM labels you can now create and print custom labels for any book cover. As requested by actual librarians these 2 x 3″ white BOPP labels are large enough to fit all of the essential information, yet unobtrusive enough to not take away from book cover art and more.

We strive to create labels that are durable and effective and in the library world these labels surely take the cake! Not only are they ideal for book covers, but they are also perfect for “Property of” labels, barcodes, CDs and DVDs.


For samples or to simply learn more about our labels visit us at, http://www.duraready.com.

DuraReady Labels
Our durable and versatile labels will last for years to come.



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