What is the big fuss over labels?

Now, we are not talking about those verbal labels that stereotype people, we are talking about those sticky things that are attached to the majority of the products that you use in your everyday life.

If you own a business or work in a business that requires labels then you know that they can either be the biggest hassle or the greatest contribution to your products, beyond the actual products. From pricing and merchandising to branding and informing labels can help you to not only organize your products, but sell them as well.

We have said it before and now we will say it again, labels are often the first thing your customers see. Creating an eye catching design with your printed logo and product name is key to attracting the right type of attention. Throw in the specifics like ingredients, prices, manufacturing info and you have got yourself the perfect product label.

BUT let’s not stop there, labels can also be used for so many other things; some of our personal favorites include gift and letter giving as well as DIY party decor. Creating and printing custom labels for cards and gift tags can totally bring your items to life, plus who would not love to see a label with their name on it? Whether you are crafting a handmade gift or sending out wedding invitations there is a label for EVERYTHING. Not to mention all of the amazing party decorations you can design yourself! Use labels for custom banners, cake toppers, catering tags, place cards, goodie bags, drink bottles and SO MUCH MORE. Through our own experience and searching all over the web we have seen so many awesome ways to bring a party to life simply with the right decor.

The most common way we use labels is to organize our homes and offices. From keeping files organized to your pantry shelves there is no end to what labels can do when it comes to organizing. In an office setting you can go further with our labels and protect your assets. From simple labels for your stapler that your coworkers love to “borrow,” to secure tamper-evident labels for your computers, laptops, and other expensive work needs.

Homes and offices are not the only places that need to be organized classrooms (a teachers office) and libraries (a librarians office) are covered in labels as well. Creating and printing custom desk labels, supply labels and grading labels can make your life as a teacher so much easier! Plus, our book labels are a breeze to work with. Book spines, movies and CDs can easily be monitored and organized with our custom labels.

If any of this talk has inspired you to craft up your own labels then visit us today! We do our best at creating durable and unique labels for any situation. Whether you need them for your business or your personal needs…We have a label for it!

DuraReady Labels
Our durable and versatile labels will last for years to come.

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