When we think about a square we often associate the word with one of two meanings: either the literal shape, or the notion of a person or thing being dull, bland, out-of-touch, etc.

At DuraReady our square labels are ALL about shape and not at all about being rigid and conventional.

In fact, our #1005, #2005, and #5005 square labels are anything BUT dull; choose from labels made of white (paper or plastic), silver and clear plastics, as well as, chemical resistant materials and security/VOID capabilities depending on your specific needs. Exclusive to DuraReady, our clear #1005 labels are also offered with either gold or silver print.

#1005DCLS 3IMG_1637

barcode label
Create custom barcode and pricing labels for all of your products.






  • These 1 x 1″ labels may be small in size, but they will definitely stand-out wherever they are applied. Most commonly used for pricing and barcoding, we have also found that these small labels are great for:
  • planners
  • organizing containers and folders
  • medical use
    • (chart labels, warning labels)
  • DIY party and event decor
  • laboratory slides and equipment
  • library books
DIY event and party decor is a breeze with these small labels! 







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