Who Doesn’t Love Some Color?


At DuraReady we are not opposed to some color!

Whether you need, pink, yellow, green, blue, orange, or red we are sure to have a label that is perfect for you.

Let’s Get Back to the Basics

Our colored paper labels are our original colored labels and they have never let us down. Offered in a few different shapes and sizes than our colored plastic labels this label collection is our most versatile.

Plus, you can write on them! If you need to add information after they are printed and do not feel like wasting a label, just use a pen, pencil, or marker to finalize your design.

The Labels

#5004CH, #5004DGR, #5004DOR 

#5004 colored paper labels

#5030DCH, #5030DGR, #5030DOR, #5030DPK 

#1004DPK_label roll
#5030DPK colored paper label
Our largest colored paper labels, measuring at 2 x 4” for our #5004’s and 4 x 2” for our #5030’s, (the dimensions are flipped because of the orientation of the label as it is printed), these bright labels are sure to grab attention. We found that the ideal usage for these labels around the office is for shipping and packaging alerts. If we need to ensure that our products are handled with care, or extra fragile, we always make sure to use these labels so that they are not overlooked at the post office.

If you own or work for a Veterinary clinic or other medical office then these labels are perfect for you. Use them as kennel name tags, allergy warnings and other alerts that NEED to be noticed.

Also wonderful for library and classroom use, for student’s desks, cubbies and book shelves, these eye-catching labels will help you and your students to stay organized!

#5020DCH, #5020DPK, #5020DGR, #5020DOR 

Use these address sized labels for so much more than sending mail!
These 1 x 1.125” labels are your standard address sized labels made with durable paper. Ideal for addresses, barcodes, rack and shelf labels and other industrial and office needs! Just like our plastic labels these wonderful labels along with the rest of our paper labels will not fade, discolor, or break down over time.

We have also found that these labels are so much fun to work with when it comes to DIY party and event decor. Use them as custom catering cards, small banners, and so much more…with a little bit of creativity these guys can go a long way.

#5016DPK, #5016DCH, #5016DGR, #5016DOR 

#5016DOR (1)
Color-coded organization is a breeze with these bright labels.

#5016DGR (1)
These bright green paper labels stand-out amongst the rest!
Book spine labels have never been so eye-catching, these 1 x 1.5″ colored paper labels make color-coded organization, (classification, bibliography and cataloging) a breeze! Take your classroom or library efficiency to a whole new level and create and print your own custom labels, we promise you will not regret it!

#5022DCH, #5022DGR, #5022DPK, #5022DOR 

#5022DPK & #5022DYW colored paper labels being used as custom juice bar tags.

Custom Veterinary and other medical office alert and warning labels.

Ideal for small jars and bottles!
Think of an address sized label, now scale it down a bit…and you will have our 2 x 1” colored paper labels. Our attention grabbing labels combine high quality color with maximum durability to create labels that stand-out in any situation.

These labels are perfect for both personal and professional applications. From DIY gift tags  and party decor to merchandise and barcode labels, these guys allow you to create and print eye-catching labels for your own specific needs.

This label size is also popular for the dispensary, vape, and e-liquid industries as well as anywhere color-coding is required:  library books, filing, EHR/EMR practice management.

#5027DBL, #5027DOR, #5027DPK, #5027DRD 

Custom photo prop and party decor!

Perfect for mason jars, these round paper labels will make your business stand-out!

Keep your supplies organized with these eye-catching labels.
This label size is one of our favorites and one of the most unique. Specific to DuraReady these 2” ROUND labels are packed with versatility. Initially, we found that these labels were perfect for color-coded organization…but then we realized you can do so much more with them.

Use them as name tags and candle barcode labels as well as on jars, lids and caps, these round labels are the perfect fit! We also love to see these labels being used in DIY party and event decor, whether you need to seal up goodie bags, make hanging banners and garlands, or make photo props these labels make everything a bit easier and stand-out in all of the right ways.

#5033DBL, #5033DOR, #5033DPK, #5033DRD, #5033DCH 

These guys are the perfect fit for small jar lids!

Even your smallest products deserve labels!

Bring any theme to life with these bright labels!
These tiny labels sure do pack a powerful punch! Our 1” ROUND colored labels are discreet in size and yet bright enough to call attention to whatever you need. In terms of professional use our small round labels are ideal for anything from BIN/VIN numbers and QR codes to grading papers, behaviour charts and library books and shelving. Also, great for vials, jars, lids, and any industry that demands for quick and easy printing of custom designs on a small-scale.

Of course we cannot forget the DIY event and party decor. Like their larger counterparts these guys can be used to seal goodie bags, customize any banner or garland and bring attention to even the smallest of details.

Your Choice!

Now that we have introduced you to both our plastic and paper colored labels it is up to you to decide which option you like more! Depending on your specific needs each can help you in  a plethora of ways.

Visit us today, www.duraready.com



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