Protecting your workplace assets is key to maintaining a successful business. From furniture and computers to warehouse equipment and supplies, your office security control should cover more than just your employees.

DuraReady’s durable and unique security labels are the perfect solution to your asset tagging needs. We offer several different shapes, sizes and colors, as well as different levels of security…bet you didn’t think a label could do that.

Our tamper-evident asset ID tags are a breeze to work with! They are discreet enough to not ruin the aesthetics of your office, but also visible enough to be noticed when tampered with. We manufacture both frangible and VOID polyester labels that you can customize yourself and print on-demand.

Frangible POE#2026D

Our frangible labels are just that…frangible! What this means is that they will literally fall apart if anyone tries to tamper with them. Now, this does not mean that they will randomly fall off of your products, in fact they are as permanent as you need them to be until they are messed with.



These protective labels are slightly different from their frangible counterparts. Our VOID labels will leave behind the traditional “VOID” text when tampered with. Like our frangible labels these durable labels will stay put as long as you need them to.

Visit us today and check out our asset/security labels,



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