Creating your own products is a labor of love…make sure the LABELING matches the effort! 

Brand your products with DuraReady’s popular 2″ round labels.
Create your own custom candle labels that will not melt from the heat!


In the world of small business the way you label your products is your first chance to stand-out. If you have an eye-catching design consumers will be much more likely to pick up or view your product.


This is where DuraReady comes into play!

With our wide range of durable plastic labels you can now create and print custom product labels whenever you need them.

Barcoding has never been easier or less wasteful! Create and print as you need them.

DuraReady carries a number of premium plastic labels that are:

    • permanent
    • heat and cold resistant
    • chemical resistant
    • will not disintegrate
    • will not fade when coming into contact with the contents of your products

Our labels are seriously perfect for the entire production process from branding to barcoding for pricing and shelving purposes to shipping. You will be amazed by how much time and money you save when creating and printing your own labels.

Durable shipping labels to make sure your products make it to their destination.

ALWAYS be sure to save your label templates so you can use them again and again! We’ve found that if you can create a basic layout you can use it several different times, each in its own custom way. As you can see pictured below in a simple example we used the same basic template on these labels, but created custom information for each. The beauty of creating your own product labels is that you can change them up as often as your products do!


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